Each of us, along with the rest of the our community and country, are reacting to the aftermath of hearing the news of the horrific shooting that took place in our own backyard, here in Las Vegas. 

Tragic events such as this leave not just physical wounds and scars, but emotional ones as well.  A tragedy of this magnitude can cause a variety of emotions, even for those not directly involved.  When it occurs close to home, the feelings can be expected to be magnified.

Jewish Family Service Agency is here to offer any support we can, to those in our community in need of comfort, emotional support or concrete services such as food, clothing and other necessities. 

We are available to offer support to anyone that may need our assistance.

The JFSA Board of Directors and Staff offer our deepest condolences and prayers, to the families who lost a loved one and to the hundreds injured in this horrible event.

Please feel free to contact the JFSA office at (702) 732-0304.

Dr. Ken Moskowitz, CEO Jewish Family Service Agency