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CAES Educational Summer Programming

Published 6/16/2020

Updated 7/29/2020

The Center for Assessment and Educational Services (CAES) is excited to announce summer educational programming to help parents navigate educational/school services and to provide children opportunities to practice important educational skills for the upcoming school year.


Empowering parents/caregivers to be partners and advocates in their child(ren)’s education and helping children succeed educationally is our mission!


Funds generated from the CAES helps JFSA provide needed services through the CAES and our other social services!


Summer Lunchtime Education Talk Series


Join Dr. Leslie Strasser Murdock, our Educational Specialist, for Lunchtime Education Talks via Zoom during the summer from 12pm-1pm.


Participants will get a clear understanding of the topic and be provided with best practices and practical tips.  Time will be provided for Q&A at the end of each Talk.



Beating the Education/Summer Slide:  Programs and Activities to Help Children Progress Educationally

Friday, June 26th 

              Summer is typically when children “slide” in their educational skills. This year the “slide” may be a bit longer due to the COVID-19 situation.  The responsibility to help ensure our children’s educational progress falls to parents/caregivers more than ever.   However, there are programs and activities to help prepare children for the impending school year.  Find out where children should be educationally at this time and how you can support your child(ren) while letting them still enjoy the summer!


Educational Options in Nevada

Friday, July 10th

              More than ever, due to unprecedented times and due to public schools offering new schedules that may not fit a family's needs, it is important that parents know that there are several educational/school options in both Nevada and elsewhere. During this Talk, learn the differences among public, private, charter, magnet, career/technical, specialized, and home schools and what each type of school is required/not required to do to meet educational obligations. Learn what preschools/schools might be the best fit for your child’s learning strengths and struggles. This presentation discusses specifically what resources/services are available through each type of school and including virtual options. Enrollment process, requirements, and other important information about options will be discussed. There will also be time for Q&A for participants.


Getting Your Child School Services: Navigating Laws, Policies, and Systems

Friday, July 31st

            Schools are governed by various laws, policies, and people including specific ones during COVID/emergency times.  Understanding how schools work and how laws/policies/procedures can help parents/caregivers be strong advocates for their children.  Find out how to determine how your child(ren)’s school(s) operate and how to navigate systems to get the best support for your child(ren). Laws/policies involving struggling students, students with disabilities, and students identified as gifted/talented will be discussed.  Time for Q&A will take place after the Talk.    


IEPs and 504s in the Emergency/Virtual Education Worlds:  Ensuring Necessary Support  

Friday, August 7th

                IEPs and 504s Plans are critical to your child’s success in school.  With all the changes that have occurred due to COVID and with schools moving to virtual learning, it is important to understand what effects current circumstances will have on your child’s Plan and what rights you/your child still have for continued success.  This Talk will answer critical questions such as what you and your child are legally entitled to during emergency times/virtual learning, how to write/update Plans with important information and supports for digital learning, and how to work with schools to support children at this time.  There will be time for Q&A at the end of the Talk.   


The cost of a Talk is $50. A discounted rate for the entire Talk Series is offered at $150.


Please contact the CAES at to sign up for a Talk or the Talk Series

Payments for classes can be made by visiting and selecting "CAES: Talk/Workshop" from the drop-down menu.


Virtual Individualized Reading and Math Learning Plans/Activity Sets Available


Our Educational Specialist, Dr. Leslie Strasser Murdock, can set up virtual individualized learning plans and activity sets until school starts based on parents’ desires for their child(ren) to make educational progress and based on needed skills as identified by national/state standards. Parents/Caregivers can set the Plan/Activity completion goal, pace, and schedule for the child (i.e. completing half the activities for the month, doing weekly activities once per week, doing activities 20 mins a day, etc.).    The Learning Plan begins with a consultation to determine parents’ desires, the child’s learning style/needs, and activity options.  The consultations to determine a learning plan is $150.   Additional optional costs for setting up and maintaining/monitoring Individualized Learning Plans will be discussed with parent/caregiver during the Consultation. 


Please contact the CAES at to set up a consultation for an Individualized Learning Plan/Activity Set.

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