About JFSA

About Us: JFSA was founded in 1977 to provide comprehensive social support to people in need.


Mission: Inspired by the Jewish principle of “Tikkun Olam,” repairing the world one life at a time, Jewish Family Service Agency supports people of all backgrounds, providing professional social services to families and individuals in times of need. 


Focus: Jewish Family Service Agency serves individuals of all religions, races, ages, disabilities, sexual orientations, and national origins.


Services: For over 40 years, the Jewish Family Service Agency has provided a variety of much-needed Services to meet the changing and emerging challenges in the Southern Nevada community, including counseling, senior services, emergency assistance, a food pantry, and an adoption program. 

Our primary goal is to meet our clients’ needs directly, but if additional services are necessary, we will refer to one of the many agencies in our network of relationships. We pride ourselves on providing professional services in a confidential setting. Many services are offered free of charge or on a sliding scale; third party insurance is also accepted for counseling services

Partnerships: Jewish Family Service Agency is in gratitude for the support of Jewish Nevada and numerous other agencies, groups and individuals that donate so generously to our cause. 

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