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Conference Mingling

Our Board

JFSA's mission is driven by a dynamic team of community leaders – seasoned entrepreneurs, passionate advocates, and visionary changemakers – who spearhead our initiatives alongside gifted professionals from diverse backgrounds and disciplines.

All Hands In

The 2024 Board of Directors

Executive Committee & Officers​

Board Chair: Cynthia Asher

1st Vice-Chair: Amy Fieldman

2nd Vice-Chair: Barbara Raben

Treasurer: Doug Gold

Secretary: Liz Finkelstein

Immediate Past Chair: Laura Sussman


Joe Altman, Susannah Altman, Sam Berkley, Beth Bowman, Roberto Bruckstein,

Michael Brunhild, Todd Creer, Elaine Entin,

Jessica Kartzinal, Janet Kofin, Sara Mason, Rich Mirman, Talia Rothman, Hillary Steinberg, Shira Wood



Rabbi Bradley Tecktiel



​​Honorary Members

Justice Michael Cherry, Judge Elissa Cadish, Lisa Bassewitz, Norma Friedman, Rabbi Yocheved Mintz,

Jay Poster, Ercy Rosen, Sharon Sigesmund - Pierce,  Marcy Simon, Jon Sparer

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