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Nevada Care Connection

Nevada Care Connection is a program of JFSA, funded by the State of Nevada.


Our focus is to empower older adults, people with disabilities,

Deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals, and family caregivers in Nevada to live independently,

make informed decisions, and access the resources they need to thrive.

Whether you're facing new challenges or seeking support for everyday needs,

our dedicated team is here to guide you.

We connect you with a variety of services and programs, from in-home care to financial assistance,

ensuring you have the tools and support to reach your goals.

Senior Computer Class
Video Call with Sign Language

Information & Referral

Provides information about community resources

to individuals interested in and able to pursue services on their own.

Connects individuals who need additional support in reaching their goals with a Resource Navigator.

Resource & Service Navigation

Includes a comprehensive assessment of the individual's needs, preferences, values, and existing supports that result in a person-centered service plan.

Resource Navigators assist individuals in

pre-determining possible eligibility for public programs, application assistance, document gathering, and connections to services and supports.

Case Management

Assists individuals who have dementia, cognitive impairment, hearing loss, or speech disability that hinders their ability to obtain and/or maintain access to long-term supportive services

Case Managers monitor and follow up on services specified in the individual’s plan.

Image by Daniel Halseth

Areas we service at JFSA:

Clark, Esmeralda, Lincoln, and Nye Counties



If you reside in a Nevada county not listed above,

please click the button below to locate the

Nevada Care Connection Resource Center

that serves you.


Our team is able to connect you with the following types of community resources:


Financial support

Health care
Hospital-to-home care transitioning
Community services
Home remodeling or renovations
Caregiver support
Home-based care
Food and nutrition resources
Long-term care planning
End-of-life planning
Housing and shelter
Legal services
Senior and community centers
Substance abuse services
Consumer assistance and protection

Ready to take control of your future?

Contact Nevada Care Connection by clicking the button below and let us help you navigate your journey with confidence and care. Our goal is to help individuals make informed decisions and connect to services as easily as possible.

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