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Meet The Team

JFSA's diverse team, from social workers and therapists to doctors and educators, brings a wealth of skills and a shared passion: empowering thousands through our programs and services every single day.

Staff Directory

If you are a client in need of assistance, please click here to fill out our online contact form or call our JFSA direct line at (702) 732-0304.


Looking for help? Our friendly and knowledgeable team is at your service.

Contact us through the directory below or simply ask a staff member.

Alyson "Ally" Peltz           Foster Grandparent Program Director                          (702) 823-0631 

Ann Colemam                  Director Of Adoption Services                              (702) 732-0307 

April Gray                         Senior Lifeline Progam Director                                      (702) 984-2462

Beth Asaf                          Clinical Therapist                                                               (702) 577-2232

Breanna Moses                Executive Administrative Assistant                              (702) 800-4009 

Dave Wonnacott              Senior Companion Program Director                  (702) 800-5201

Ken Moskowitz                 President & CEO                                                    (702) 577-0635 

Leslie Strasser Congrove     Educational Specialist                                                  (702) 984-2083

Lisa Popovsky                   Director of Senior Services                                      (702) 960-0220 

Melissa Cardinaletti         NV Care Connection Program Director            (702) 960-0381

Renea Parr                        Director of Emergency Services                                       (702) 984-2085 

Samantha Steele              Director of Development                                              (702) 673-5897

Sylvia Chang                     Director of Behavioral Services                                    (702) 830-4029

Team Meeting
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