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Make Las Vegas Shine Volunteer with JFSA!

Be the light that makes a difference. Las Vegas thrives on the dedication of its people, and you can be part of that spark. Join us at JFSA, where your passion and energy create a safer, healthier, and more inclusive community for everyone. 

Join our winning team. We offer a wide range of services to people of all backgrounds, regardless of religion, race, age, disability, sexual orientation, or national origin. From food assistance and delivery to child care and senior support, your commitment helps families overcome challenges and build brighter futures.

Food Pantry Delivery Drivers

Looking to volunteer with JFSA? Ready to become a hero in someone's story?

Together, we can build a brighter Nevada, one act of kindness at a time.

See below to learn about specific volunteer opportunities available throughout the agency.

Food Rescue Driver

Driver to help JFSA better serve the community by retrieving in-kind donations from various stores across the valley and delivering donations to our food pantry that will then be utilized in our community.


Food Pantry Delivery Driver

We are in need of drivers to assist in delivering food to our homebound senior clientele without means of retrieving their food allocation themselves. Drivers would take a handful of deliveries every other week.


Senior Share Driver

Drivers will assist in the delivery of our Senior Share care packages delivered to 30 residents twice monthly.

Senior Service Volunteers

Enjoying a Meal

Foster Grandparent Program

Foster Grandparents are trained volunteers who mentor and tutor children with exceptional needs or at-risk youth. They provide support and guidance and help children develop the skills they need to succeed in school and life. These relationships are mutually beneficial and often life-changing for both the child and the grandparent.

Elderly Woman

Holocaust Survivor Program

Volunteers ensure that Survivors are surrounded by a community full of caring and supportive relationships.

Elderly couple

Senior Companion Program

The Senior Companion Program is a federally funded program that trains and supports adults 55+ to build one-on-one relationships with

seniors in need. Volunteers provide companionship, transportation, and assistance with errands. Nearly 90% of clients say their Senior Companion helps them remain living in their own homes.

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