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Holocaust Survivors Assistance Program

Aging with Dignity, Respect, and Support

Honoring the resilience of our 100 Holocaust Survivors, JFSA empowers them to age with grace and security,
offering a spectrum of support so they can live life to the fullest.

As the only age
ncy in southern Nevada dedicated to their needs, we provide:

The stories of our Survivors inspire us. Their strength motivates us.
Join us in honoring their legacy and ensuring their well-being. Contact us today to volunteer, donate, or learn more. 

Compassionate care management: ensuring access to essential resources and personalized guidance.
Dental and medical assistance: alleviating the burden of healthcare costs and anxieties.
Homecare and cleaning: allowing Survivors to remain comfortably independent in their own homes.
ial and emergency assistance: providing a safety net during challenging times.
Nourishing food vouchers: ensuring access to healthy and delicious meals.
Transportation solutions: facilitating independence and connection to the community.
Café Europa: a vibrant social club offering friendship, laughter, and shared experiences.
And more: from navigating legal matters to finding companionship, we're here for every need.

Never Again, Never Forget,
We Are Here To Help You 


The Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation, through the Claims Conference, helps JFSA offer crucial assistance to Jewish Holocaust survivors

​The David Berkovits
Memorial Fund to Aid Holocaust Survivors in Need 

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For the past several years, the fund has been a beacon of hope for local Holocaust Survivors facing hardship. It provides essential support, from food and medicine to transportation and companionship. Every contribution, big or small, keeps David's spirit alive and ensures no Survivor faces their twilight years alone.

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