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Senior Companion Program

The Senior Companion Program matches seniors who need assistance with volunteers of a similar age and life experience that can support the client and their families by helping them with daily living tasks such as shopping, attending medical appointments, and ensuring that the client maintains their dignity, independence, and quality of life. 

The Senior Companion Program is a  non-denominational Federal Program of AmeriCorps Seniors.


All Senior Companion clients receive Case Management Services. An individual service plan is developed and monitored to ensure that the health and social service needs are met through a combination of LVSL and the Senior Companion. Clients regularly meet with their case manager to conduct “in-home” and telephone assessments to maintain services and ensure the “companion relationship” meets their needs.

Inside the Bus
Talking on the Phone
Senior Men Playing Chess


in-person peer connection that reduces social isolation.

Nutrition Support

assistance with simple meal preparation, shopping, food stamps, food pantry and grocery gift cards. 

Transportation and Accompaniment 

to medical appointments, shopping and social activities.

Telephone Reassurance

for those that need remote companionship. 

Community Resources

including emergency financial assistance, homemaker services, medical co-payment assistance, Medicare/Medicaid and other medical resources, 

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