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We Are Here For You!

Need help and don't know where to start?


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For over 45 years, JFSA has been a beacon of hope, empowering vulnerable individuals and families to build a brighter future. From nourishing families through food pantries to keeping roofs over heads with emergency rent assistance, JFSA tackles everyday challenges with life-changing solutions.
Driven by compassion and fueled by community partnerships, our team tirelessly strives to reach every corner of our community
, leaving no one behind.
Join us in building a stronger S
outhern Nevada, one life at a time.
Donate, volunteer, or spread the word and together,
we can make a positive difference in the lives that need us the most.

Comfort, Care, & Community 

Through the dedication of our supporters and volunteers
JFSA reached over 
75,000 individuals in our community in 2023. 

We offer a comprehensive suite of services, including food pantry services, emergency housing assistance, senior services, counseling, and much more. JFSA is committed to delivering impactful services with exceptional efficiency and effectiveness, ensuring that every individual receives the support they need to thrive.


Meals delivered from our Food Pantry.
Volunteer hours of service for children, adults, and seniors. 
Emergency services and shelter.